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Bridal 2014 Program
A Collection of our Latest Bridal Styles with Marketing, Ecommerce and
Merchandising Support to establish your Store as the Premier Bridal
Source in your Market.
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Ashi Diamonds is excited to unveil the 2014 “BRIDAL COLLECTION”, She’s Got Dreams, Be Ready, our most ambitious and creative bridal book thus far, that highlights the theme of “Dreams”. Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairy tale! This 68 page catalog expresses the emotions and thrills of a fantastic journey where Dreams come true.. from a beautiful girl falling in love to her becoming a bride on her wedding day. This exclusive catalog displays the beauty and art of bridal rings with limited edition pieces, reminding you of your special moment, each day of your life. A symbol of ‘True Love’.

We have put forth a great effort to provide our customers with a fantastic presentation of unique and copyrighted styles, exemplifying a step-up from the ordinary to the extraordinary, not only in assortment, but also in quality and workmanship, synonymous to the Ashi tradition. Today’s successful jewelers expect and deserve more than the normal from their vendors; we are dedicated to be the forerunners in presentation of jewelry to your consumer.

Within its beautiful illustrative pages, our Bridal Collection previews today’s most innovative styles with bold and definitive designer looks, market tested products and resurgence of traditional styles re-crafted by our in-house craftsmen into new classics for the bridal category. At Ashi, we believe that there is no limit on how many ways we can provide jewelers the items and tools to satisfy the demands of customer.

Marketing Highlights

Bridal Book: The upscale 68 page "Bridal Collection"

Branding "Your Store Name": Individualizing your store with your LOGO on the front cover as well as the inside front page with your personal message about your store, hours of operation, etc. creates a custom look.

Complete Customization: Option of customizing 2 to 20 pages of other brands (Watches, other Bridal Brands, Pearls and Generic) in the book to obtain CO-OP from other lines that perform well in your store. (Pandora, Tacori, SimonG, Rolex etc.)

Digital Marketing - All FREE: Digital marketing benefits include: Free QR Code, Digital E-Catalog, Digital Coupon, Mobile Ready Website and most important, Website for Bridal Program with branded and customized store information.

Television Commercial & Marketing Visuals – ALL FREE: TV and print advertising materials in high resolution images for websites or localized advertising purposes.

In Store Marketing Visuals – ALL FREE: In-store looping DVD’s for your store locations as well as handouts for your potential bridal customer.

The 2014 "Bridal Collection" not only represents our contribution of Quality, Value, Service and Marketing support to your organization, but further emphasizes Ashi’s commitment to your successful bridal business and beyond. This total package serves to remind our jewelers that ASHI is often imitated….but never duplicated !

Our Sales and Marketing Representatives will be contacting you shortly to discuss ways to assure that your store remains The Bridal Center in your market and beyond.