ASHI Graphic Design and Printing Services
ASHI Graphic Services
Let Us Help You SELL More!
ASHI is excited to offer you our Graphic Design and Printing Services for your Retail Jewelry Store. ASHI’s in-house design team has the experience, imagination and vision to deliver eye-catching innovative designs to promote your brand and increase your store’s foot traffic. Currently, we have more than 250 satisfied retail clients who are taking advantage of our designing and printing services.
Some key advantages of having ASHI as your Design and Print Partner:
  We have a large library of high-quality graphic material, which is readily available for your promotional campaigns, that includes over 5,000 Jewelry Styles, Models and Background Images
  Our Design and Print Team is very creative and experienced. We can provide all of the support you need, to make every campaign and promotion a success for you
  We will provide you with personalized service to give you more control over designs, and will be dedicated to utilize all of our resources to promote your brand
  Our services are fast, reliable and economical
We offer a wide range of Graphic Design and Print Services for you to choose from:
1. Window Clings - Perforated
2. Posters
3. Duratrans
4. Counter Cards
5. Newspaper & Magazine Ads
6. Postcards
7. Billboard Designs and much more
ASHI Graphic Services
We utilize the state of the art industrial Epson Printers with 1200 dpi output on the highest quality print media - Phototex fabric, vinyl fabric, glossy and matte film, perforated window graphic clings, duratrans for light boxes.
We realize the importance of building strong relationships with our clients, and we look forward to working with you on your next project.
To learn more about ASHI’S Graphic Design and Printing Services, please call Karma at 800-622-ASHI (2744) or visit us at
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