ASHI Launches The Lovebright Sweepstakes
Lovebright Sweepstakes
Social Media has evolved into the most effective and widely used forms of marketing in recent times. Knowing this, we are pleased to announce the launch of The LOVEBRIGHT Sweepstakes to kick off the upcoming Holiday Season! ASHI will be giving away a beautiful One Carat Halo Diamond Pendant, crafted in 14K White Gold, with a retail value at over $2,500, to one lucky consumer from one of our participating Retailers.
ASHI® in technical collaboration with Avalon Solution® has engineered JewelSweepTM. This is the first vertically integrated Social Media Sweepstakes Technology Platform for the Jewelry Industry, which will connect our Retail Partners to their Consumers to take unique advantage of this phenomenal branding and selling channel.
This JewelSweepTM Sweepstakes Software Solution will give you a unique marketing opportunity to phenomenally increase and broaden your customer base, as your social media posts are liked, and shared, by your customers, their friends, and beyond. This style of viral marketing will exponentially boost your brand exposure and increase sales!
The Sweepstakes is already started on Wednesday, November 16, 2016, and run through Sunday, December 18, 2016. We are inviting all of our Retailers to be a part of this exciting and FREE Marketing initiative. The Customized Banner for the Sweepstakes can be placed on your company's Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and other Social Media pages, as well as your Website, promotional materials and Email blasts. ASHI will provide you with a Customized Banner with your Company Logo that will link to the Sweepstakes entry page where Consumers can sign up.
When you sign up to join this campaign, we will give you a link to your Customized Sweepstakes entry page. This personalized landing page will be branded with your store's logo, picture and company information. The Consumer Data collected from each individual retailer's Sweepstakes' landing page can be accessed with a unique login and password, by each participating retailer, for future marketing purposes. The customer data collected from your customized landing page can only be accessed by you and no other retailer.
One Winner will be randomly chosen from the Retailer's page with the greatest number of Sweepstakes entries. The drawing for The LOVEBRIGHT Sweepstakes will be held on or around December 21, 2016.
If you choose to sign up, we will give you detailed instructions on how to participate in this great opportunity as well as provide pointers on using ASHI's social media digital content and interacting with your customers during the course of the Sweepstakes.
Please click to view Demo Sweepstakes Page for Retailer >> Demo Sweepstakes Page
If you are interested in participating in this unique marketing opportunity, please fill out the The LOVEBRIGHT Sweepstakes Retailer Online Participation Form and agree to the ASHI LOVEBRIGHT Sweepstakes Agreement. All participating Retailers will need to be pre-approved by ASHI.
  Participation Form
Look at the following document to see a brief description of what this amazing marketing opportunity has in stored for you and your brand: Sweepstakes Introduction
To learn more about the LOVEBRIGHT Sweepstakes, contact Ms. Mansi Jain at 212-319-8291 or
Mr. Prashant G. at 917.338.6825 or by email at
**Please Note: ASHI will only use customer data collected to select a winner. The customer data collected from a retailer's customized sweepstake landing page will only be accessible to that respective retailer. The information will not be for any other purpose. **