ASHI Launches Valentines Sweepstakes
Valentine Sweepstakes
ASHI is very excited to launch our next sweepstakes – ASHI Valentines Sweepstakes. We will be giving away a beautiful FREE 1/2 Carat Diamond Heart Pendant, crafted in 14K white gold, with a retail value of $1,500 to one lucky customer from one of our participating retailers!
The Valentines Sweepstakes will start on January 5, 2018 and will run through February 9, 2018. One winner will be randomly chosen from the retailer's page with the greatest number of sweepstakes entries. The drawing for this sweepstakes will be held on or around February 14, 2018.
Please view the following demo page for the ASHI Valentines Sweepstakes. To participate, please fill out the Participation Form > and agree to the Valentines Sweepstakes agreement.
Sweepstakes Demo Page Sweepstakes Participation Form
Benefits of participating in the Sweepstakes program:
Generate more new customer leads and grow your email database.
Grow your network on Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter.
Create a "buzz” for your brand via word-of- mouth marketing done by your customers.
Expand your customer base and increase product exposure to your target audience.
Engage with your existing customers and reward the participants with free prizes.
When you sign up to join this campaign, we will give you a link to your Customized Sweepstakes entry page. This personalized landing page will be branded with your store's logo, picture and company information. The customer data collected from each individual Retailer's Sweepstakes landing page can be accessed via a unique login and password by each participating Retailer for future marketing purposes. The customer data collected from your customized landing page can only be accessed by you and no other Retailer.

"ASHI's sweepstakes program was an amazing touch to Dunkin's Diamonds summer marketing program. The program attracted a lot of traffic to our website, social media pages and helped increase Bridal Sales. It was definitely a wonderful program to be involved in. The best part about the sweepstakes? – It was completely FREE! We generated great exposure and profits with zero investment!”
Julie Pyne – Vice President of Merchandising – Dunkin's Diamonds, Ohio
For questions regarding the Sweepstakes program, please contact Ms. Mansi Jain at (212) 319-8291, or Mr. Prashant Ghadge at (917) 338-6825. You can also send us an email at
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